God is for you

One of my favourite preachers recently hammered home the message: God is for you!

Most Christians accept that as truth.  But many – and I include myself – frequently fail to act as if it is true.

The preacher I mentioned, Alan D. Wright of Reynolda Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, used the example of Moses and the children of Israel to illustrate his point.

He noted that Moses led the children of Israel out of crushing slavery with the Lord’s guidance and power.  After being afflicted with plagues by God, the Egyptian people were so eager to see the Israelites go that they gave them jewellery and other goods to hurry them on their way.

But the children of Israel complained once they escaped into the wilderness.  They even rebelled against Moses’ leadership.  And they refused to enter the promised land after hearing some scary reports from their spies.

In essence, they doubted that God really cared for them.  They doubted God’s great promises for them as a people.

Alan Wright brought this down to my level in his sermon.  Are you so bogged down in your sins and your failures and your setbacks that you have stopped believing God loves you and is for you?

Failing to believe that God is for me suggests that I doubt God means what he says.

God promised the Israelites a land of their own.  He was ready to give it to them.  But they doubted God would give it to them.  They looked at their circumstances – not God – and they refused to take God’s gift.

The interesting thing, of course, is that they would have had to fight for the gift.  They would have had to trust God and his power.  God wants us to rely on him so we go through trials that take us beyond our own strength.  These trials build our faith and prepare us for the next level.

So, believing God means what he says and acting on it is essential if I am to obtain his gifts.  And see his promises fulfilled.


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