I have just finished chuckling my way through a little book – Bold’s Fold – about a year in the life of Tony Bold, a fictional British charismatic church pastor.  It pokes gentle fun at the culture of evangelical Christianity.

It left me thinking that we Christians need to take ourselves less seriously.  I am speaking to myself as I write these words.

The little book is a year in the life of Tony Bold, a somewhat bumbling and clueless pastor.  It is written and illustrated by a British cartoonist, Darren, who is a member of a Vineyard Church.

A good thing about the book is that it is written by a believer.  It shows that we can laugh at ourselves.

I get very serious about the things that matter to me in my spiritual life.  Issues such as faith and prayer are serious and vital.  But, shouldn’t I laugh about some of my bumblings in the pursuit of God?

I am sure Jesus must smile – lovingly – as he sees me saying something silly or strange. From the vantage point of heaven, I may laugh myself as I look back at how I have reacted to events in my life.

The gospel writers don’t talk about Jesus’ sense of humour.  The gospels were written to highlight his major teachings.

But I am sure he must have shaken his head at some of the pretentious behaviour of the religious leaders and the flounderings of his own followers.  Yet he was not one to use humour to hurt others.

It has been said that laughter is a tonic.

I agree.  But I also think it can bring us back to reality – to see things as they really are.


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  1. Iain on

    Glad you enjoyed the book Bob! More info about Bold’s Fold is available at

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