Looking for God

I have been thinking about seeing and celebrating God in everyday life.

This is an old story – going as far back as the Bible.  Christian mystics have written about it down through the ages.

But I decided to put this into practice today as I looked at the world around me and thought about the events of the last couple of days.

For example, was God somewhere in the tense disagreement I had with a Christian friend a couple of days ago?  I was ashamed of myself and apologized but couldn’t lift the feeling of discouragement with myself.

On looking back, I think God was there.  Through this episode, I saw myself in a different way – in need of God.  I realized that my ego had been at play in the discussion.  God was shaping me through this experience.

God was present, too, when my wife gave me comfort and support after this dispute.  God was working through my wife in the empathetic way she spoke.

As well, I believe God was there when our church pastor and I took a defunct television set to a store for recycling this morning.  Our pastor gave the gift of his time without complaint to clear the set out of our church prayer room.

And God was everywhere this afternoon as I went out for a stroll in the warm sunshine of an autumn day.  He is the creator of the trees with colours changing, of the high school kids laughing and talking together, of the genius of man who invented cars.

I thought, too, of the well-known Bible passage about the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25.  In it, Jesus talks about how he will separate people into two groups – one group he will bless and the other he will condemn.

In each case, he will judge them on whether they fed him, or gave him something to drink, or clothed him, or visited him in prison.  And the people will say: “When did we see you hungry and feed you?”

His response is powerful: “Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

These words tell me that Jesus is always with me.  I am just blind to him and his works.

It’s a bit like putting on 3-D glasses to watch a movie.  I have never done it, but friends say these glasses make you feel as if you are part of the movie itself.  You are in the scene that is being played out on film.

I need to put on my own spiritual 3-D glasses to see Jesus at work around me.


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