Confessions of a political junkie

I confess: I’m a political junkie.

I eat up everything political – newspapers, magazines, blogs.

Sometimes, I recognize that I spend too much time on politics. As a Christian, I know that the destiny of the world does not hang on whether Stephen Harper remains Prime Minister of Canada or Mitt Romney becomes President of the United States.

It’s interesting that Jesus never talked about the political situation in Palestine.  He knew that all things were in God’s hands.  He also knew that each man’s destiny depends on what he does with God – not the current political leader.

It’s true that there is a lot of politics in the Old Testament.  The story of bad kings and good kings.  But the story of these kings is told in connection with God’s story and the story of the people of God.  Their story is really about their attitude to God.

As I have said before, I believe in Christians getting involved in politics, especially in democratic countries where everyone has the privilege of voting.

But I also know in my heart I should pray for whoever becomes leader of my country, even if he is of a different political persuasion.  That’s where I fall short.

The important thing for me is to put things into perspective, to pray for those with whom I disagree.  Especially, I must pray that God will work good out of the conflict-ridden politics in today’s world – his good, not mine.

I think the editor of a political blog – Red State – put it very well in the following post a couple of days ago:

His post prompted a variety of opinions by Christian believers – some of them disagreeing with him.

But I believe he is right.  God, my family and my neighbour come first.


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