Struggling for peace

It’s funny to talk about struggling for peace – “peace” and “struggle” seem opposite.

But many of us toss and turn during sleepless nights, trying to find rest and peace from our worries or resentments or fears.

In war-torn countries, peace is particularly desirable – it’s the difference between life and death.

But in my country, the struggles are less life-threatening.  More often than not, the war goes on inside our minds and hearts – and sometimes on our tongues.

Peace is important to God.  It is one of the names of God – “Jehovah-Shalom”.  Jesus is called “the Prince of Peace”.

How do I find the peace of God?  And does it make a difference in my everyday life?

Interestingly, Jesus says peace is a gift.  I don’t have to fight to get it.

In John 14:27, he tells his disciples just before his sacrifice:

“I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Strangely, this comes just before the fearsome events of the crucifixion which shocked the disciples and prompted bold Peter to deny being a follower of Jesus.  Clearly, the disciples forgot about the gift of peace when trouble erupted.

A reading of the passage leading up to Jesus’ statement in John 14 indicates that the gift Jesus was talking about was the Holy Spirit.

In effect, he told his followers that he – Jesus – would come to live in them through the Holy Spirit.  God would make his home in their hearts.

He gave a great promise: “I will not leave you alone as orphans – I will come to you.”

He tells them that the Holy Spirit will help them and guide them.

So, why should I find peace of mind in knowing that the Holy Spirit is within me?

Because if God is for me, who can be against me?  The daily troubles I face may be severe; but, the most important thing is that my eternal future is settled.

In the end, I know that God is in control and that all things work together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28).

That’s the strong foundation of my peace.


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