God’s glory shines brightest in darkness.

Sometimes, a believer’s unusual act of sacrifice and love stands out so sharply that a world that rejects or dismisses God can’t help but take notice.  At such moments, God is glorified.

Such acts are not only rare, they are against the wisdom of the world.

At a prayer gathering this week, a friend reminded us of the murder of a high school student in Taber, Alberta in 1999.  He was shot by another teenager just after the Columbine, Colorado killings.

The murdered boy’s father was Rev. Dale Lang, an Anglican minister in Taber. His response was not of this world: He and his wife forgave the killer.  Not only that, he reached out to the young killer, seeking to help him.

Years later, this act of forgiveness is burned into my memory and that of many others.  It forces me to examine my own heart.  Rev. Lang could forgive his son’s killer – am I able to forgive much smaller hurts?

Rev. Lang is a believer.  He did what Christ did long before him while dying on the cross.  As Jesus hung on the cross, he looked down at his tormentors and said: “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Followers of Christ are called to live a life that is unnatural.  It is a life they can’t live by their own power or ability.

I know that well.  I am not sure I could do what Rev. Lang did.  Thankfully, I have never faced such a terrible decision.  But I also know that God is able to do through me what I can’t do myself.

It is wonderful when an act of forgiveness or kindness or sacrifice penetrates even the hardest heart and opens minds to the power of God.  And his glory.


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