The blessing of peace

A friend told me this morning he has been praying for peace in his busy life – and God answered.

He said he has a number of big projects to complete in the next few months and one, in particular, was going nowhere.  Neither his boss nor anyone else seemed interested in moving this project forward.

Fighting mounting anxiety, he asked God to give him peace of mind.  The next day, his answer came.  His boss – and others who were critical to the project – suddenly got involved in moving the project forward.

Why?  I believe it has much to do with surrendering our problems to God.  God is a god of peace.  One of his names in the Old Testament is Jehovah Shalom or “The Lord is peace” (Judges 6:24).

As I noted in an earlier post (, Jesus promised to give us peace.

The Bible speaks a lot about peace.  Jesus himself sent out disciples on a trip to visit villages telling them to bless the homes they entered with God’s peace (Luke 10).

Ed Silvoso, author of Prayer Evangelism, says that Christians need to pray God’s peace for the people they meet.  Part of the reason is that we Christians are often very critical of those who are not – and our hostility is evident.

After all, we were at war with God before we surrendered to him.  He gave us peace through Jesus.  We need to have God’s heart for those who don’t know him.

As I say, praying peace for someone is a kind of blessing.  Everyone is afflicted with worries at some point – and some more than others.

Praying the blessing of peace on someone can change a difficult situation.  It changes us first.  We stop being critical.  And our change of heart can be an avenue for God to bring peace to the other person.

May I be a man of God’s peace.


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