Beginning with Adam and Eve, God has made us for relationships – particularly family relationships.

I have been thinking of this as my wife and I prepare for our annual “Summer Christmas”. My wife puts a lot of planning and ingenuity into preparing for an event to remember for our eight grandchildren – and, incidentally, their parents.

It’s the one time of the year that we can be sure our three children and their families can all come together at our house. We really look forward to it.

I recognize that some people prefer to be alone. But I believe most people want relationships, whether family or friends.

I am naturally an introvert. At one time, I thought I could easily live as a hermit with my books and interests. But then I met my wife and now I know I was never designed to live without relationships.

When you think of it, there are relationships in the Godhead. In Matthew 3:17, God the Father tells the world how much he loves the Son. And after Jesus’ resurrection, God the Holy Spirit takes residence in the hearts of believers to share whatever Jesus tells him.

God recognized that Adam needed a companion – Eve – after he created him.

Clearly, relationships can go wrong – even family relationships. Cain killed his brother Abel. Jacob cheated Esau. And so on.

But that does not mean we should abandon relationships if we have struggles with family members or friends.

Relationships help us grow emotionally and spiritually – if we allow them to.

Much of the Bible is about grace, mercy and forgiveness – all qualities which develop best in relationships.

I recognize in myself that there are people I need to forgive. I see in myself a judgemental attitude. I need the heart of Christ within me.

When I am wrestling with relationship problems, I need God’s help. I know I am not naturally forgiving or merciful.

The greatest example of relationships is Christ’s relationship with us as believers. He sought us out and gave his life for us. He forgave us and had mercy on us.

He is urging me to deepen that relationship with him – and with other human beings.


2 comments so far

  1. linda m-n on

    Yes, we live in relationship to everything and everyone….having supportive relationships with others can really enrich life. Ultimately, our relationship with God and ourselves is paramount. Merry Christmas to all the Douglas clan ; your summer celebration is a fabulous idea !

  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thanks, Linda. As I say, Summer Christmas is really Ruth’s doing.

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