God and dreams

A friend told me last week about a vision of Jesus that gave her great comfort in her strained relationship with her son.

Author Margaret Feinberg says in her book The Sacred Echo that her husband had a dream three times that eventually pulled her out of a kind of depression in the midst of a serious stomach illness she was suffering.

The apostle Peter had a strange vision from God that seemed to ask him to violate his Jewish beliefs about eating food that was unclean spiritually (Acts 10). It opened the way for the good news of Jesus Christ to be preached to non-Jews, something that led to billions of people coming to the Lord.

For several years now I have been captivated by the way God speaks through visions and dreams. I have little personal knowledge and experience in these matters. But it seems to me I should open my ears and eyes more to this way of God communicating with me.

As a traditional evangelical, I approach the whole question of dreams and visions with caution. I am well aware of potential pitfalls.

For one thing, it is sometimes hard to determine whether the message is from God or from my subconscious. Am I upset with someone and I have a vengeful dream about that person? Such a dream is unlikely to be of God.

Another problem is interpreting a dream or vision which seems to come from the Lord. I had a series of dreams some years ago about my family which were filled with airplanes. I felt God was telling me something in those dreams, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Maybe God will open my eyes to the meaning of those dreams in time.

I do feel that God will give an interpretation of the dream he gives us if we seek it. That is the lesson that the prophet Daniel learned. God gave him very powerful visions and dreams which literally gave him insight into events that would shake Babylon. And the Lord blessed him with the truth that a Messiah would come.

Daniel sought the meaning of these dreams and visions with all his heart – and God answered.

The apostle Paul received a vision of a man from Macedonia beckoning to him to come. Paul obeyed and that opened Europe to the Gospel. Paul obeyed because he lived close to Jesus and he knew when God was speaking to him (Acts 16).

At the very least, I realize I need to take dreams seriously. God may be saying something I really need to hear.


2 comments so far

  1. Candise on

    Bob, I’m really enjoying your blog. Thank you so much.

  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thank you, Candise. That’s very encouraging.

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