Author and pastor Alan Wright recently told the story of a tearful granddaughter talking about her grandmother at the elderly woman’s funeral.

She said that as a child, she remembered her parents driving from their Florida home to her grandmother’s North Carolina home. She never visited Disney World, only waving as they passed Orlando. But she had no regrets about missing Mickey Mouse.

“I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world,” she said of her visits to her grandmother’s house. “It was the most comforting, interesting, exciting place to be on earth.”

She remembered her loving grandmother who spoke to her of Jesus. And now she used the same phrases as she instructed her own little son as he sat on her lap.

“I know the home my grandmother lived in will live on through the legacy of her life and influence,” she said.

Wright, who is pastor of Reynolda Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was using this story to illustrate his theme that God’s love – his grace – is greater than anything in the world. Greater than our troubles, greater than earthly counterfeits such as Disney World.

We who believe in Jesus have the great hope of sharing in God’s glory as Paul said in Romans 5:2. We have tasted God’s grace already as we have put our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice so that we might live eternally with him.

Yes, we have our troubles, Wright said. But “Jesus’ love trumps all that.” No matter how difficult our trials, we know we will be with him and enjoying him forever.

“I will take the love of God and never give up,” said Wright, “because the love of God never gives up on me.”

This speaks to me because I get all twisted up in the daily issues of life. I want to please people who are not pleased with me. I want to please God and sometimes forget that he is already pleased with me – because he sees Jesus in me.

But I can always be sure that God never gives up on me. He loved me yesterday, he loves me today, and he will love me tomorrow.


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