Your story

One of our young grandsons has started reading and the book he reads most is his “action Bible” – a children’s Bible filled with stories and lots of pictures.

Stories and pictures have always been the best way of talking about God.

As I was on the way to becoming a believer, I was struck by how “human” the Bible was. The Bible was believable because it was about God dealing with people who sinned like me, who failed, and who were used by the Lord despite their weaknesses.

I have come to cherish the “theological” parts of the Bible – the letters of the apostles. But I was captured first by the story of Jesus in the gospels.

There is everything in the gospels – the nobility and yet humanity of Jesus, the plotting enemies of Jesus, the helpless people who flocked to him, the dramatic power of his miracles, and, finally, his decision to set aside his overwhelming power in order to die for us at the hands of his enemies.

The story of Jesus still grips millions who are not believers. You can see it in the great crowds who have filled movie theatres to watch the various films made of the life of Jesus in recent years.

The stories of the Old Testament are also memorable.

Years ago, my wife and I visited the Chora Church in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built under the Christian Byzantine Empire many hundreds of years ago. Its walls were covered by paintings depicting Bible stories.

We were told that many of the churchgoers in those days could not read or write. They learned their Bible by looking at the walls of the church and hearing the stories from the clergy.

As I think about this, I realize that our stories of what God has done in our lives carry more weight with unbelievers than talk about doctrines. Once we become believers, we must seek more of God and understand the great doctrines of our faith.

But people will be attracted to Jesus by hearing my story and your story. They will want to hear how Jesus has worked in your life – the way he worked in the lives of the disciples.

You have a story to tell – a story that may change someone’s life.


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