A different way of seeing

Sometimes things are too dark for us to see any light in our situation.

Maybe we need to ask God to give us his glasses to see how he is acting in our lives.

A friend shared something this week about her brother who suffered a brain aneurysm and was brought face-to-face with God. God miraculously brought him back to life.

The life-or-death experience brought him to the Lord and he joyfully tells people who visit him about God’s miracle.

But he was not totally healed. He is still virtually immobilized.

Recently, he told his sister that he is now ready to go to be with God.

She pointed out to him the impact his story is having on many people who have heard it and those who have visited him. He is a living channel of God’s glory.

Some of us are still living nightmares. Some of us have come through.

Often, it is hard to understand why we are going through difficult times. Perhaps we have hung on for years without visible relief from the pain we are suffering.

I find hope in great figures in the Bible such as David, Jeremiah and Mary.

David’s psalms are littered with cries of anguish such as these words in Psalm 55:5: “Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me.”

But later in that psalm – in verse 22 – he says: “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.”

We are told in the Bible that David was “a man after God’s own heart”. He had many human weaknesses, but he trusted God and stayed close to him throughout his tumultuous life.

Jeremiah suffered through continuous persecution by his own people because he dared to speak the words God gave him. His words have outlived his enemies by thousands of years.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, trusted God when told she would bear the Messiah. She treasured Jesus’ words in her heart. She watched her son die a criminal’s death on the cross.

She has a special place in the Bible and the history of Christianity.

God feels our suffering and knows why we are going through hard times.

Perhaps it is to bring glory to God. As Jesus said in John 9:3, a man born blind was healed to bring glory to the Lord.

Perhaps it is to bring us closer to God. Joni Eareckson’s terrible diving accident left her a quadriplegic. Her story of faith has been an inspiration to thousands around the world.

Perhaps it is to bring others to the Lord.

As I say, it is sometimes too difficult to see why we suffer when we are going through it. All we can do is hang on hard to God through it all.

Then, maybe he will give us his glasses to see what he is doing with our suffering.


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