Living water

We take water for granted in Canada – we have so much of it.

But water is vital for life in many parts of the world.  Without it, people die.

In John 7, Jesus said “living water” flows out of him to those who are ready to drink it.  He was talking about more than physical life – he was offering spiritual life to his listeners.

Many people live in a spiritual desert today, not even aware of where to look for the living water.

I was speaking to a woman last weekend whose daughter is living with a young man who does not even know the Christmas story – the birth of Christ.  It is hard for me to comprehend because I grew up when Bible stories were taught in school and were widely known in this country.

A minister who spoke at a funeral I attended this afternoon said that Christianity is about love, especially God’s love for us.  Who doesn’t want love – especially God’s love?

Yet many people in our society seem to believe that such claims are fraudulent or untrue.  It is almost as if they are crawling, parched, in the desert and see what seems to be an oasis – but they write it off as a mirage.

Of course, that is what the evil one wants us to believe.

If you aren’t sure whether something is true, it is worth checking to see if it is.  The person in the desert may find that the oasis is a mirage – or, he may find it is an oasis with water.  He won’t know unless he checks it out.

In John 7, Jesus invites us to come to him.  If we do, he promises that we will receive the Holy Spirit, a fountain of everlasting life.

Years ago, I was walking in a spiritual wasteland, not knowing why I was alive.

I came to Jesus and found the living water I was looking for.













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