You have heard the story before – a child is deeply hurt psychologically by her father and is crippled for life.

Some never get beyond these early hurts – while some do.  If you’re the victim, what do you do?

I listened to a young woman tell her story at a weekend conference.

She grew up in a Christian home – a strict home.  Her father was a legalist and treated her coldly – leaching any joy out of her life.  She felt that he rejected her.

Despite her hurts, she became a believer in Jesus.  But it took her years to come to terms with her past.

Like many people, her view of God was affected by the treatment – and lack of love – she received from her earthly father.  She could not believe that God was happy with her.

She was asked what helped her to get past these psychological and emotional wounds.

She replied that several Christians gave her words that they felt God was telling them about her – words of support, encouragement and love.  These were “prophecies” – not the prophecies about the ultimate outcome of world history, but personal words of love from God to individuals.

Some might dispute such “words” from human beings.  But the Bible itself is filled with such declarations of love from God.

Indeed, the Bible tells the story of God’s reaching out to us rebellious children so that we can enjoy the wonders of his Father-love for us forever.

Psalm 103:1-14 gives a great picture of God’s love for us – a compassionate father who knows his children’s weaknesses and offers forgiveness and hope.

Psalm 139 shows how the Lord is involved in every aspect of our lives – from conception onwards.  He is not ignoring us – no, he wants a close relationship with us.

And, of course, John 3:16 is the clearest evidence that the Father cares for us: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

How much more could he love us than that?

We need to turn to such truths if we feel worthless and rejected.

I had a great father who showed he cared for me.  Yet I know people who were not so fortunate.

But we can all find the love we need in our Father in heaven.  That is lasting love – far beyond the few decades we are on earth.


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  1. Anne Douglas on

    Love this entry about my favourite subject – God’s affection for us.

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