In God’s hands

A friend of mine is depressed by the state of the world – he fears what the future holds for his grandchildren.

He talks about Islamic extremism, terrorism in general, hints of global conflict, and plagues like Ebola.

Perhaps I’m a Pollyanna, but these things don’t bother me in the same way.

In my view, we have always had wars and plagues.  I can’t do much about them.  And death comes to all of us – me included – at some point.

Like most people, I was shocked by the recent terrorist attacks in Canada and France.  But anyone acquainted with history knows that wanton killings of this kind aren’t new.  The political reasons for terrorism may change, but the acts are much the same.

Readers of the Bible are familiar with the wars in the Old Testament.  Losers were slaughtered or carted off as slaves to the victorious nations.

I hope none of this happens to our country.  My prayer is that our children and grandchildren will never face what is going on in the Middle East.

But I rejoice that my wife and I and our children and their spouses all belong to God.  Our eternal future is assured.

Whatever troubles we encounter now will vanish when we are with Jesus in heaven.  As the Bible says, there will be no more tears.

I admit I am speaking as an old man.  My family responsibilities have diminished.

I haven’t stopped worrying – but my worries are about more trivial things than world events.  I worry – usually needlessly – about things that are more or less in my control.

Jesus told his followers to expect trouble.  He told them that the Holy Spirit would give them the words to speak when they were hauled before the authorities for their faith.

He also said that some of them – even the great apostle Peter – would die for their faith in him.

That didn’t stop them from boldly declaring the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection to bring people into the kingdom of God.  Many praised and worshiped God even as they were being persecuted.

They knew their relationship with God was the most precious thing they had.  Nobody could take that away from them.

They knew they were in God’s hands.

I know that, too.


2 comments so far

  1. jackelise on

    Bob, I remember way back when you were reporting from Iran about the American Embassy escape. You were so calm and exemplary. You still are. Thank you for teaching that to your children and now your grandchildren and for all who read your blog.

    • Robert Douglas on

      Thank you so much for that comment, Jack. You taught me a lot about being a committed follower of Christ.

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