Tuning into God

A man I know is racked by pain and desperately seeking God’s divine healing.

He wonders why God isn’t healing him – and I can’t give him an easy answer.

It is a common question.  And many believers lose their faith because their cries for help appear to be in vain.

I find myself in the middle between those who claim everyone must be healed by God and those who say only a few chosen ones will be healed – if healing is even for today.

I am convinced that God heals today just as he did in Jesus’ time.  But I am reluctant to say that God heals everyone automatically.

I believe God works through doctors to bring healing as well as through divine intervention.  The apostle Paul advised his disciple Timothy to use a home remedy – wine – to cure a stomach ailment.  And one of his closest companions – Luke – was a doctor.

But what do you do when doctors are seemingly unable to help?  That’s what my friend is up against – nothing his doctors have recommended have dealt with the pain and the wasting disease in his body.

So he is turning to God.  He admits he was not a church-goer until recent years, but now he watches healing programs on television avidly.

I see faith in God as a key element in most of Jesus’ healing miracles.  But, I note as well that some miracles happened without evident faith by the people involved.  An example is Jesus coming upon a funeral procession and raising a young man to life without being asked. (Luke 7:11-15)

Still, faith is important.  There is ample evidence in the world today of miraculous healing as a result of people putting their faith in God.

One factor which may stand in the way of divine healing is unforgiveness.  And unconfessed sin is another.

Sometimes, too, God may choose to answer a prayer for healing years after the illness struck.  Jesus healed a man who had been lame for 38 years (John 5).

But even when all these issues are dealt with, some people are not healed.

John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement and used by God in healing people, said publicly that he had prayed for healing from a heart condition repeatedly without being healed.

In the end, I must trust God knows what he is doing.  His ways are indeed higher than my ways.

Far more important than my health is my relationship with Jesus.  Do I believe he loves me no matter what trials I face?  Do I believe he has my good at heart as the apostle Paul assures me in Romans 8:28?

I do.


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