Reluctant heroes

I am attracted to reluctant heroes like Gideon – people who step out for God despite their fears.

I believe God often calls us to do things that seem risky in our eyes, although they may be tame to others.  He does it to deepen our faith and make us spiritually stronger.

In my own life, I have tended to do the safe things.  I have missed opportunities because I have feared a negative reaction from those around me.

But I have found great satisfaction – even joy – when I have stepped out of my comfort zone to share what I know about Jesus to someone who is open and interested.  Or, to help someone who is in need.

Unfortunately, those occasions have been too rare.  But now, like Gideon, I am starting to obey the nudgings of the Holy Spirit and looking for opportunities.

What inspires me about Gideon is that he openly voiced his reluctance – and then obeyed.

The opening scene between Gideon and the messenger of the Lord in Judges 6 is a bit comical.  The angel calls him a “mighty warrior” and tells him the Lord is with him.  At first, Gideon is far from a mighty warrior but the words are prophetic because Gideon ultimately delivers his people from their oppressors, the Midianites.

But before he does that, he tries to convince God that he is not the man for the job – “my clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least in my family”.

Then, Gideon dares to test God by demanding signs that he is who he says he is.  And God is forbearing and gives him the signs he requests.

After that, Gideon moves cautiously, always with a fearful eye on what catastrophe may come on him.  But he takes one small step at a time, his faith grows, and he becomes the mighty warrior the angel forecast.

This is encouraging.

Encouraging, too, is a book called Beyond Awkward whose author, Beau Crosetto, admits his own fears as he ventures out to talk with people about Jesus.  Crosetto relies on the Holy Spirit to guide him in these encounters.

In the end, Gideon had to rely on the Lord to accomplish the task he was given.  He couldn’t do it on his own.

That’s true of anyone of us as we do something God has asked of us.  It’s great to know that the power of God is there for us as we do what he has called us to do.


2 comments so far

  1. Judy on

    Excellent Bob. Gives me encouragement to get out there and talk about Jesus.

  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thanks, Judy.

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