Leap before looking?

I like to look before I leap. It usually makes sense.

But, isn’t God asking me to leap before looking?

On occasion, I think he is. But, when he does, he also promises to have his arms outstretched as a safety net.

How can I tell when he wants me to leap?

God gives me several guidelines. He wants me to answer these questions:
• Is what I am seeking something he wants me to do?
• Will it bring glory to God?
• Am I listening to his voice through the Spirit? Or, is it my own spirit doing the talking?

I have been pondering these questions as I consider whether my mission is his mission.

For much of my life, I have been inward-looking as a Christian. I have been concerned about my personal relationship with the Lord.

Over time, I have broadened my vision to include others in my church. I am active in our church prayer ministry – praying for others in our congregation.

But, in recent years, I have begun thinking about others beyond our church walls – our neighbours, for example. I say that somewhat shamefacedly because I have been a believer for many decades.

While I have reached out to others sporadically over the years, I have quickly retreated within my shell.

Now, I am finding a real hunger and curiosity about God among some of our neighbours as, like me, they near the end of their lives.

So, I am tentatively sending out feelers to my neighbours, engaging them in discussions about Jesus when it feels appropriate. I believe God is asking me to leap out towards them.

The answer to the three tests I stated above seems to be yes.

I am inspired by Jesus’ words calling on believers to make disciples of all nations. And I am even more motivated by the actions of the early disciples when they faced persecution in Acts 4 – they prayed for boldness in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

My only question is: Am I yielded sufficiently to the Holy Spirit to know when and how I am to talk about Jesus? Am I loving and serving my neighbours as Jesus served the people he met? Am I considering my neighbours as potential trophies or as people God loves?

Those are areas where I need to grow.

Meanwhile, I am convinced God is calling me to jump.


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