Grateful or forgetful?

Imagine the joy and excitement of the rescuers who found a 15-year-old boy alive under the rubble of a building five days after the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Imagine the even greater wonder of the disciples who saw Jesus alive days after they had seen him die on the cross 2000 years ago.

But time can steal that feeling of gratitude.  Perhaps it resurfaces from time to time – but it is not lasting.  The memories grow dim.

It makes me wonder whether the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus has lost its allure for many of us believers.  Do other things – the everyday pressures of life – push the good news of Jesus into the shadows of our minds and hearts?

I confess it often does for me.

A friend of mine says he preaches the gospel to himself every day to keep the good news alive and fresh.  It’s something recommended by such authors as Jerry Bridges and John Piper.

Why is this important?

It’s important because it reminds us why we are here and where we are going.  It reminds us what really matters in life.

Jesus promised us trouble in this life.  We cannot escape illness, grief, job problems, the death of loved ones.

But he also promised us the joy of being with him forever if we choose to follow him.  He promised us his strength and his help in facing the problems of the moment.  He promised us his presence and his everlasting love.

He offers us joy – an inner joy – that is greater than happiness.

Why should the good news of Jesus mean so much?  Think of it for a moment: God wanted so much to have a loving relationship with you and me that he sent his son Jesus to take our sins on himself and pay the price in our place.  There is no greater gift than that.

Without this action by Jesus, we would have no future with a loving God after our physical death.

While we are on earth, we are being prepared for a time of everlasting peace and joy with God.  We will speak with him, laugh with him, enjoy him in the life to come.

Keeping the good news of Jesus in front of us helps to put the everyday problems of life into perspective.  In time, these earthly problems will pass.

But we can be grateful – now and always – for belonging to Jesus.


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