You are worthy

I have three friends who have the same problem – they feel they are unworthy of God.

One of them feels God can’t love him because he has sinned too seriously.  Another is filled with regrets about something he said to a girl 60 years ago.  Still another feels God can’t forgive him because of a bad decision he made a decade ago.

In each case, they find themselves struggling with accepting the grace of God.

I love the way Alan D. Wright, pastor and author of Shame Off You, responds to people like that.  He says we are undeserving of God’s grace, but not unworthy.  We have infinite “worth” in God’s eyes.

Wright, pastor of Reynolda Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, spent years feeling shame after the breakup of his parents’ marriage when he was a child.  That is often the case with children in divorces – they feel they are responsible for their parents splitting apart.

He reacted by trying to prove himself to others and trying his utmost to be liked.  He set very high standards of performance for himself.  He did very well academically.

I had good, affirming parents and have been blessed by a loving wife.  But, for different reasons, I have also wrestled with feelings of unworthiness.

Why is that?  It flows from a misunderstanding of God.

We Christians put our faith in God because we accept that Jesus died for our sins and offers us everlasting life.  But often we continue trying to prove to God that we deserve to be in heaven.  And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we realize we just can’t do it on our own.

As Wright pointed out in a recent sermon, we don’t deserve to be with God, but we are loved so much by him that he sent his son Jesus to die for us.  Why?  Because we are worth that much to him.

We need to rest in his love – his mercy and grace.  We need to respond to his grace by loving him.

We need to let him have his way with us.

We need to stop struggling and start following.


2 comments so far

  1. Linda M-N on

    So true and a solid way to remember our worthiness. Also, I’ve been blessed with a grandaughter named Grace who is
    a constant reminder of the thoughts your message extols.

  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thanks, Linda.

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