God cannot be stopped!I

There is no heart so hard that it cannot be melted by God.

That may seem wishful thinking rather than truth.  Perhaps you know someone who has walled himself off from the Lord and you have tried fruitlessly to convey the love of God to him.

But then you must consider the story of the apostle Paul.

As you know, Paul thought he was for God.  He was resolutely persecuting Christians and jailing them.  He assisted at the stoning death of Stephen, a Christian leader.  He did it because he felt the Christians were preaching heresy.

Then, in Acts 9, we read the story of his dramatic conversion.  He was on the road to Damascus with a letter to the synagogues there, asking for their help in arresting Christians so they could be brought back to Jerusalem in chains.

Then, a light from heaven shone down on him, he fell to his knees, and he heard a voice saying: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”  Paul asked who was speaking and the reply was: “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting.  Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what to do.”

With that, Paul crossed the threshold to salvation and faith in God.

Down through the ages, we have seen similar stories of people moving from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ – people others considered opposed to God.

When other means fail, God intervenes directly as he did with Paul.

Today, amazing things are happening in the Muslim world as many are now becoming believers in Jesus.  They are coming to faith in Christ in a variety of ways.  God’s supernatural intervention is one way.

I have been reading a bit about this in a book called A Wind in the House of Islam by David Garrison.  Garrison tells of how people throughout the Muslim world are coming to faith in Jesus in their tens, their hundreds, and their thousands.

Today, I came across the video story of a Muslim man in Spain whose wife became a believer.  The husband – Fernando – abused her verbally, refused to let their daughter go to church, and ultimately they separated.  His wife and her church still prayed for him fervently and invited him to church events – without success.

Then, one day Fernando turned up at the little Spanish church his wife attended. He sat in the audience, crying and then went up to the front at the end of the service to give his life to Jesus.

One of the church members went up to him at the end of the service and asked what brought him to the church.  Fernando replied that his questioner knew.  When he looked mystified, Fernando told a remarkable story.

He was returning home one day, opened the door, and saw a man inside – Jesus.  Jesus smiled, extending his arms to him, and told him he loved him and wanted him to come to him.

Fernando reacted by running from the house in terror.  He went to a supermarket, bought a Bible and read it for days, feeling Jesus’ presence throughout.

That led him to the church where he gave his life to Jesus.  Evidently, his life has completely changed.  His angry, aggressive demeanour has softened.  He is a different man.

Here is the link to the video story at 24-7 Prayer International: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBm4tIfTOSg

God cannot be stopped!


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