Snuggling up to God

Does God care if you love him?

Christians know that the answer is yes.  But we feel that somehow we can’t do anything to show we love him.  We are puny and he is so awesome and holy.

But, shocking as it may sound, God has feelings.  He loves us deeply and is constantly seeking a close relationship with us.

Pete Greig, prayer leader for Alpha in England and founder of the 24-7 Prayer International movement, gave a charming illustration of how we can bring pleasure to God in a video prayer course I was watching this week.

He described how he had been working hard on a book which kept him from spending much time with his family.  When he was finished he called his young family together and they went out for a meal at a place where there were swings and slides for his two young sons.

He told the two boys to run out and enjoy the slides and swings and one of them shouted with joy and rushed out.  The other one started to go and then turned back and climbed into his father’s lap, saying: “I missed you, Daddy!”

Greig said you can’t imagine how much pleasure that gave him.  It “ministered” to him.  He did not love the other boy less, but the simple act of snuggling up to him brought him joy.

Greig was talking about adoration in that particular lesson which you can find at

In another story, Greig mentioned how a pastor friend’s son would come into his father’s study after school and just throw himself on a couch and just be with his father without speaking.  Then, after a while, he would get up and go about other things.  Greig’s friend said it meant so much to him that his son just wanted to be with him.

Greig’s point is that it is important for us to just spend time in God’s presence, adoring him.  It gives God pleasure and it brings us closer to him.  And intimacy with God helps us understand more about what he wants for us.

Thinking about God’s character can help us adore him.  One woman in our study this week mentioned how she becomes aware of God’s presence as she thinks about him, especially Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross.

So let us be like Pete Greig’s son and snuggle up to our Father.


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