Jesus is for everyone

Once again, I am struck by a great truth – Jesus is for everyone.

He isn’t just for rich people, or poor people, or Canadians – everyone can believe and find new life in him.

If there’s a problem, it’s not Jesus’ fault.  It’s human beings who raise barriers to believing in Christ.

I have been thinking about this because my wife and I caught another glimpse this week about how universal is Jesus’ appeal.  We have been attending a Bible study aboard our cruise ship in the North Atlantic – a Bible study attended by about 50 people from nations around the world.

It is a seniors’ cruise so, along with being old, we shared a common musical heritage along with a love of the scriptures.

It was wonderful to hear voices from China, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the United States and Canada bellowing “How Great Thou Art”.  It must have been tuneful because several ship employees came in and joined us before hurrying back to work.

Christianity could easily have become just another nationalistic cult.  Several of Jesus’ followers saw him as a national Jewish leader.  And later, after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, some Jewish believers tried to impose Jewish religious practices on new believers.

But Jesus and the apostle Paul made it very clear that faith in Christ is for everyone.  Jesus said he came to bring new life to all people – even to some people who were despised by Jewish leaders.

Jesus commissioned the new believers to go out and make disciples – followers – of people in all nations.

What I find wonderful is that the Spirit of God has touched hearts around the globe.  Now, some of the most vibrant churches are in China, India, Africa and South America, well outside the traditional Christian strongholds of Europe and North America.

Christ opens his arms to everyone.  It is our choice whether to enter his embrace or reject him.

Christ opens his ar


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