There is nothing quite so powerful as the compassion of God.

As a follower of Jesus, I can draw on the compassion of Christ as I am with others who are in need.

I have been reminded of this by a story told by a woman this morning on the cruise my wife and I are taking.

This woman suffered through sexual assault as a young woman and has since become such a strong believer that she shares her story before audiences aboard our ship.

Yesterday, a 16-year-old girl at her table in the dining room asked this woman to pray for her.

The young girl said that her mother died a few years ago and her death was so traumatic that the only thing she remembers is seeing her mother in the coffin.  All her other memories of her mother have been wiped away.

The woman said she then talked with the young girl about the love of Christ and has said that Jesus can bring hope to her and help her deal with her trauma.  She asked us as a group to pray for the 16-year-old girl and we did.

As I was reflecting on this, I recalled that the Bible talks frequently about Jesus having compassion on the hurting people around him.  This calls to my mind a heart that goes out in love and concern for those who are suffering.

This compassion is something that cannot be manufactured by me.  I think more about my own personal convenience than I do of the needs of other people.

The compassion of Jesus is godly compassion.  It is the compassion which led Jesus to give up his life for me – and for everyone who believes in him.

Yet this supernatural compassion is within every believer, because once we believe in him, the Holy Spirit lives within us.

The key for me is whether I am ready to sacrifice my convenience in order for Jesus to work through me in bringing God’s love to others.

I believe the story I heard this morning was for my benefit.

God is nudging me to be more compassionate.


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