Change: Good or bad?

Politicians, advertisers, and activists of various kinds talk about the value of change – a new government, a new product, or a new and different world.

But change can be threatening for many of us.  Some want to hang on to the world we know, the habits that are familiar, the ideas we grew up with.

I am conservative in my approach to life.  I cling to things I like although I’m willing to change – gradually.

What about change in the Christian life?

God wants to change us – he wants to change us into the image of his son Jesus (Romans 8:29).

And God is working change in me.

When I put my faith in Jesus, God accepted me as his child because Jesus spoke up for me.  Now, he is shaping me bit by bit into the likeness of Christ.

In this case, change is good.  I am growing as a child of God.

But change is not always good in our lives as believers.

We can get caught up in fads.  We can accept as truth the wisdom of the world around us.

Here is where I need to plunge into the scriptures and evaluate whether the ideas being talked about are true to what God wants.  Discussing these things with other believers whom I know to be godly also helps.

Again and again, the scriptures call me to seek God first – not my pet ideas or the current Christian hero.

The disciples really did not know Christ fully until his resurrection even though many had spent three years with him.  It is easy to go down the wrong path.

May the Lord enlighten me as I follow him.



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  1. madeline on

    Lots to think about

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