The power of praying together

I’m convinced that there is power when churches surmount suspicion and pray together as believers in Jesus Christ.

Prayer is one way we can work together, no matter what our denominational differences may be.

I got a glimpse of that last week as I attended a prayer gathering of pastors and prayer leaders from different churches here in my home city of Ottawa.

We introduced ourselves to each other and began talking about what we feel is important for us and our city.

I was particularly struck by the spirit of confession in the group – especially, confession about wrong feelings toward other believers in different denominations and different cultural groups.

There was also a keen desire to draw closer to God and to be open to his leading in our city.

This led to a time of keen prayer, asking the Lord to build a hunger and thirst for more of him in our hearts.

For me, this was a good start to closer ties among our churches in prayer.

I recall seeing a film some years ago of revival in Uganda during the dictatorial Idi Amin era when many Christians were murdered or jailed for following Christ.

One of the church leaders interviewed said that denominational barriers collapsed in the face of persecution. Believers from different church backgrounds gathered in the swamps and prayed together.

And revival broke out.

Jesus offered this prayer to the Father in John 17: “I pray that they [believers] will all be one, just as you and I are one — as you are in me, Father, and I am in you.”

There is so much for believers to do in our neighbourhoods, in our cities, in our nations.

Let’s join together and pray for God to work his will where we live.


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