Radical Islam

How should Christians react to radical Islam?

Above all, we should remember that Christ won the victory over Satan and evil on the cross.  Radical Islam will not extinguish the light of Christ.

Of course, evil is still widespread.  But the day is coming when Christ will return triumphant and Satan and his forces will be finally destroyed.

As someone once said, Christ’s death and resurrection was like D-Day in Normandy during the Second World War.  After D-Day, the days of the Nazi regime were numbered, but the allied armies still had to mop up the German forces.

Radical Islamic groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have already killed and persecuted many Christians and people of other faiths in the Middle East.  Their followers have also sown terror in other parts of the world.  Some Canadians have joined them.

But the love of Christ is more powerful than the sword.  It was Christian love which conquered the Roman empire.

Christians resorted to armed might to fight Islam in the Middle Ages.  But, in the end, they failed.  Muslims and Christians fought to a standstill after centuries of war.

Christ called on his followers to love others – not force them to submit at the end of a gun.

The message of Christ will always have to compete with other points of view.  In democratic societies, this debate is usually peaceful.

Moderate Muslims live peacefully among us.  Many fled from persecution in their home countries to come here and want nothing to do with violence.

Decades ago, I worked with a Muslim man who had been a journalist in his native Pakistan.  He was one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever met.  He became a keen Canadian citizen.

A few years ago, he returned for a visit to his homeland and was appalled by the violence there.  It was not at all the country he remembered as a young man.

The interesting thing is that many Muslims in war-torn countries around the world are giving their lives to Jesus.  They, too, are appalled by the violence and drawn to a loving Christ.

We followers in Jesus need to place our trust in Christ that he will defeat evil with love.


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