The Donald Trump phenomenon has highlighted a real issue in politics everywhere – anger.

We Christians can easily fall into that morass, too.  What should we do when we are faced with what we feel are injustices or bad policies?

I believe we believers should express our views.  But I also feel that Jesus would be disappointed with us if we tore other people’s reputations to shreds.

I have strong political views – conservative views.  I can get quite passionate about my opinions.

But I realize I must keep a check on what I say about those I disagree with.  I am especially conscious of this when I think about the polarized politics in several countries which sometimes lead to rioting.

Anger in politics really flows from anger in everyday life.

Jesus and the apostle Paul had a lot to say about anger and how we relate with other people.

In Matthew 5:22-25, Jesus says that we should go and be reconciled with our friends if we are angry with them or they are angry with us.

In Matthew 7, Jesus tells us not to judge others and, in fact, to take the plank out of our own eye before talking to someone else about the speck in his eye.  In other words, we should look at ourselves and our own attitudes before condemning someone else.

And we need to remember Jesus’ radical teaching on forgiveness – especially his words as he was dying on the cross: “Father, forgive them (those who executed him) for they know not what they do.”

It’s clear in the Bible that there is righteous anger – anger against things that anger God.  But judgement for these things are in God’s hands – not ours.

As a believer, I am learning that when I disagree with someone, I need to keep calm, express my views, and refrain from personal attacks.  And if I hurt someone, I need to apologize.

Above all, I need to remember Jesus’ example.  He was patient with his critics and yet never wavered from speaking the truth.  And never did he call on his followers to attack those who criticized him.

Indeed, he wanted the best for those he spoke with – critics and supporters.

Easter celebrates the evidence for that truth – he died for the sins of everyone so that they might have a chance to enter the kingdom of God.


2 comments so far

  1. Madeline Rhoda on

    Thank you Bob for these beautiful and kind words. You are definitely an example of practicing what you preach. I can’t think of a kinder or gentler man. Bless you and Ruth during this coming Easter season. Love, Madeline

    Spring has almost sprung. Enjoy!!



  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thanks, Madeline, for your very kind comment. Yes, spring is here. And may you have a lovely Easter, too.

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