Most of us like to think of ourselves as strong, independent people – especially, in North America.

But we aren’t, really.

The older I get, the more I realize it.  I depend on the people I love – and even on those I don’t know or love.

We depend on others, just to live.

We were made for relationship.  God created us originally to be his companions.  He seeks companionship with us still.  And we should be eternally grateful that he does.

Of course, the relationships we choose can deeply affect our lives – for bad or good.

The apostle Paul says in Romans 6 that we are not free and independent creatures but “slaves to sin” or “slaves of God”.

That sounds harsh to us.  No one wants to be a slave.

But is it not true that an addict is a slave to his obsession?  And can I say I have no obsessions?  No, I can’t say that.


Paul used the word “slave” as a way of getting his point across.

In Romans 6, he tells me that I am freed from the power of sin once I put my faith in Jesus.  Sin will still call out to me.  The difference is that I now have the capacity through the Holy Spirit to resist that call.

Without faith in Jesus, I would still be a slave to sin.

So my choice is clear: Do I choose to obey sin and Satan or do I choose to obey God?

There is a great difference to being a “slave” to Satan and sin and a “slave” to God.  On one hand, I will go into a downward spiral and on the other I will find everlasting love.

Independence is a mirage.

But there is critical decision to make about the master I choose.

Do I want the master of deception, false promises, and ultimate heartache?

Or, do I want Jesus who loved me enough to die for me?


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