How big is your God?

How big is your God?

Are you awed by God?  Do you tremble as you consider his might and his power?

Or, do you consign him to the sidelines in your life?

Joshua Harris says in his book Dug Down Deep that what you believe about God really matters.  His own view of God has changed dramatically in his lifetime

Harris’ book is a delightfully-written, often humourous attempt to show us how important it is to delve deeply into what the Bible says about the character of God.  He mixes in his own story with theology and doctrine – often dry subjects that are never dull in his hands.

In his teen years, Harris was a normal kid raised in a Christian home attending a “seeker-sensitive” church – a church which tried to be as entertaining as possible to draw non-believers to attend.

“The bottom line is that my parents’ faith really wasn’t my faith,” he says.  “I knew how to work the system, I knew the Christian lingo, but my heart wasn’t in it.”

He was interested in girls and bored by God.

The youth group was “geared to being loud, fast-paced and fun”.  Activities were often not linked at all to the youth pastor’s messages.

On one occasion, the youth pastor asked him to do a Michael Jackson impersonation because he knew Harris could dance.  He moon-walked and lip-synched his way through a Jackson song and loved every minute of it.  He was a one-night sensation in the youth group.

But over the years, Harris changed.  He found he had a thirst to know God.  He sought out a godly minister to mentor him.

He became enraptured with the God of the Bible and studied deeply.  His understanding of God grew and his interest in fundamental doctrine about God developed.

Over time, he became pastor of a mega-church with a strong focus on the person of God.

He now believes that God is much more than a weak after-thought in our lives, only there to guide us and comfort us while staying out of our way when we don’t want him around.

He is wholly different from us.  He is the creator – we are the created ones.  He existed always – we live for a short time on earth.  He is almighty – he can do things we cannot do.  He is holy – separate from us – and yet Jesus sacrificed himself for his enemies – you and I who were opposed to him until we gave our lives to him.

Not too long ago, Harris returned to an Oregon town where he had grown up and bumped into his old youth pastor in a grocery store.

The youth pastor looked just as he had years before, but a lot had changed in his life.  He said he had learned so much in the past 10 years about what kids really needed.

He had the kids studying doctrine from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, a textbook normally used in seminaries.

“They’re eating it up,” he told Harris.  “These kids are on fire for God like you wouldn’t believe.  They’re sharing their faith with friends.  It’s incredible.”

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

But it shouldn’t if God is who he says he is.

That God is overwhelmingly big and can’t be dismissed.

He should be more important than anyone or anything else in our lives.


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