The creative instinct

I believe God has planted a creative instinct within us which flowers in different ways.

For instance, my wife is a master gardener.  She loves the interplay of rock, earth, flowers, bushes and plants.  She has  designer’s eye and a feel for colour.

Acting on this creative impulse gives her pleasure and satisfaction.

I knew someone who spent years restoring a vintage Jaguar, even making his own parts when he could no longer find them in stores.

Others are skilled cooks or carpenters.

God values – and loves – creativity.

There is a great story in Exodus 35 where God chooses Bezalel to make decorations for the Lord’s sanctuary.  Moses says God has filled Bezalel with the “Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts”.

When you think of it, we are simply reflections of God, our own creator.

I love the story of creation in Genesis 1.  God had  a wonderful time making the stars, planets, mountains, seas, birds, fish, animals and a multitude of different plants.

We know he enjoyed it because in Genesis 1:31 we read: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

My creative impulse has led me to drawing, painting and writing.  When I am creating, my whole self is focused on what I am doing – everything else vanishes.

As I understand it, things like art and music are widely used as therapy for people who are feeling low.  I can understand why.  These activities draw you away from yourself and your problems and absorb your full attention.

I see it as therapy, too, for people who are burdened with work worries or family concerns.  I feel it is worth breaking away for a brief time every week to do something creative – something you enjoy.

Thank God for giving us creativity.


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