After death, life

Is death the end of everything?

I was thinking of this today as I walked through newly-fallen snow.

I glanced at the few shrivelled leaves still poking through the snow and at the bare tree branches.  The vibrant life of spring and the mature green of late summer have long gone.

I know, too, that my own days on earth are numbered.

But I am confident that my death is NOT the end of everything for me.

As a Christian, I believe my body will die on earth, but my spirit will live with God.  And while I’m here, I am to put to death what is wrong in my life and let Jesus pour more of his life into me.

In the spiritual sense, I am constantly growing as God works on me to shape me into a mature follower of his.  I will continue growing in the life to come.

The same is true of any child of God.

I do not seek death, but I am not depressed by the fact that bodily death will come for me at some point.

My God is a god of love.  He loves me and has good things in store for me.

It is amazing that he loves me.  I know I don’t deserve it – I never have and never will.

But Christ showed his love for me by dying for me so that everyone who believes in him will have life forever.  He paid for all the wrong things I have done with his life – taking my deserved place on the cross.

It’s so easy to take this lightly and for granted.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget what Jesus has done.

To my shame, I am often guilty of this.

May I turn to my God and let his life fill more and more of me.


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