Seeing God in the everyday

I am usually too busy with other things to notice God at work in the world around me.

But I realize I am missing an essential part of life.

Ken Gire touches on this in his book Seeing What is Sacred.

He mentions a time when his daughter came home from a Super Bowl party at a school friend’s home, deeply depressed because she felt rejected by other girls in her class.

He and his wife tried to comfort her, reminding her that Jesus was also rejected by many when he was here on earth.  They told her that she was getting insight into Jesus’ life and sharing his sufferings.

Gire also told her about times when he was rejected, too.

After drying her tears, his daughter asked him what he was doing the next day.  He had a busy day the following day, but he realized she was asking to spend time with him.

So they went to a movie together and shopped and ate lunch at a restaurant.

She told him: “Ya know, Dad, this is one of those memories I’ll treasure the rest of my life.”

It was a God-moment.

The Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (Psalm 24:1).

If that is true, then God is making himself known in what I see – in people, in events, in books, in the Bible.  I just have to open my eyes to what he is saying and doing.

In Romans 1, the apostle Paul says that people have no excuse for not knowing God because he has made himself plain in nature.

Gire urges us to take time to reflect on what we see and hear during the day.  Even if it means stopping what we are doing for a moment.

He keeps a journal of things that catch his attention – maybe a newspaper article or notes about a movie or an encounter during the day.

Then, he will think about these things and go back to them later.

Writing helps.  But you don’t even have to do that.

There are moments in my life – particularly my family life – that I have stored away as memorials.  They are gifts from God that I consider treasures – as Gire’s daughter said.

I just need to make this a part of my everyday life.


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