A light in the darkness

It is easy to feel powerless in the evil world around us.

But one man, one woman, one child can make a difference.

Who would have guessed that a carpenter’s son would turn the world upside down?  But Jesus did.

We can dismiss Jesus because he was God as well as man.  But Jesus lives within every believer today.

Jesus said he was the light of the world.  He used the picture of the light to show its power over darkness.  Things that we cannot see suddenly become visible when a shaft of light penetrates the darkness.

Evil hates light.  It either runs away from it or tries to suppress it.

So Christians who are true to their faith can expect resistance, even oppression.

Our Wednesday morning men’s group has been studying the Book of Acts for several months.  What a story of the power of light, the power of God’s Spirit!

It is a story, too, of commitment to Jesus by his followers.  Commitment in the face of death, ridicule, imprisonment.

They poured out the love of God to others even as they were being persecuted.  They shared the story of Jesus in the midst of turmoil and trouble.

And what an impact they had!  Many thousands were attracted to the light and became children of God.

That story is repeated through the ages – and even today, especially in Africa, Asia and South America where hundreds of millions have given their lives to God in the last 50 years.

Even in North America and Europe, there are pockets of light, blazing in their local areas.  But it has been a long time in the West since there has been a sweeping, nationwide revival.

I believe discouragement and a sketchy knowledge and appreciation of Jesus are among the reasons Christians have largely withdrawn to the four walls of their churches in the West.

It is good to see the lights that are ablaze around us – the loving service that some Christians provide and the individual efforts to share the good news.  As well, there are some prayer movements dedicated to prayer for revival in Western countries.

But shouldn’t we all be crying out to God to move in power in our society as he did 2000 years ago?  Shouldn’t we all become enraptured again with Jesus so we look forward to talking about him with those we know and love?

It’s something that is on my mind now as I examine myself and my very limited spiritual vision.  As Bible-translator J.B. Philips said, my God is too small.  I expect too little  and pray too small.

I remember reading that five people prayed for revival on the Scottish Isle of Lewis for years before revival broke out on the island just after the Second World War.

A few lights can make a difference.

Imagine what many could do.


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