Is the Bible true?

A friend told a story this week to our church men’s group which underlines once again the truth of the Bible.

William Ramsay, a brilliant British biblical scholar, set out to prove that Luke’s account of events in the Book of Acts was wrong.  He believed it to be full of errors and written in the second century A.D., 100 years afterward.

After years of research in Turkey and Greece, he concluded it was not only accurate, but one of the best cases of historical writing he had seen.  In the process, he said he became a believer in Christ – he had been a skeptic before.

Others, too, have approached the Bible as athiests or skeptics.  For example, Frank Morison, whose real name was Albert Henry Ross, wrote a book called Who Moved The Stone in 1930 as he investigated the reliability of the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection.  Starting as a skeptic about the facts, he wound up convinced they were accurate.

As well, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the accuracy of historical facts about people and places in the Bible from ancient tablets and writings in the Middle East.

People have called into question some facts in the Bible, but they are minor and can be explained on the grounds that the original texts were accurate.  As others have said, the Old and New Testaments have stronger support as accurate texts than other ancient documents.

Why is the Bible so often under attack?

I believe it is because God demands a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question: “Do you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour?”

Skeptics such as Frank Morison were prepared to accept Jesus as an unusually good man. But they could not accept supernatural events such as Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

God is a miracle-working god.  His thoughts are greater than any of our thoughts.  He knows our thoughts even before we think them.  He is everywhere at once.

If you refuse to accept that God is who he says he is, then you must try to destroy the Bible which speaks of God.

It is a battle that will face believers until the end of time.

Yet the Spirit works through the scriptures to change hearts every day around the world.

God’s word is more powerful than those who attack it.


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