Invited to a party

Many people can’t believe that Christ really loves them and wants them to join him in an eternity of joy.

They are like a little child who refuses an invitation to a birthday party because he doesn’t believe the birthday boy wants him to come.

This is certainly true of some non-believers I know who seem drawn to Christ but believe that God cannot accept them because of their past.

In a different sense, some believers have accepted the invitation, but are going to the party still doubting that they are really wanted.

It can be a crippling issue.

This struck me again last weekend at a men’s conference I attended.  The conference was about God’s love for us and who we are as believers in Christ.

During a discussion at our table, one of the men who was not a believer said he does not believe that God could accept him because of the things he has done.  He has had a rough life, including time spent in jail.

I pointed out that many of the Bible heroes did things that were terrible in our eyes, but that God had his hand on them.  They were accepted and loved by the Lord.

Here are some examples: Jacob cheated his brother out of his inheritance; Abraham was ready for his wife to become concubine to another man because he feared for his life; David had sex with another man’s wife and then arranged for that person’s death; and Paul threw believers into prison.

For me, that increases my wonder at God’s love.  It is not because we are worthy that God loves us – it is because Jesus gave himself for us that we might believe and enter the Lord’s family.

I am not saying that God wants us to have sex outside of marriage, or arrange someone else’s murder.  As believers, we are to become more like Christ – not less.

But I confess that I, as a believer, have sometimes felt that God could not possibly approve of me because of my failures and sins.

That’s where the other part of the conference came in – who we are as followers of Christ.  As the apostle Paul says in Romans 8, we are no longer under condemnation because of our faith in Christ and what he has done.

I need to constantly remind myself of Christ’s love and the power of the Spirit available to help me live the life God intended for me.

I am going to the party with gladness.


2 comments so far

  1. Madeline Rhoda on

    Thanks Bob. It really is a wakeup. Happy Mothers Day to Ruth.

    Forsythia turning yellow and warm sun above. Spring has sprung! Madeline ________________________________

  2. Robert Douglas on

    Thanks, Madeline. All the best to you, too.

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